AIONNEXT PAMM Account is an investment product that provides investors a chance to profit, without actually trading for themselves, while harnessing the knowledge and experience of expert money managers to manage their accounts

How do PAMM Accounts work?

With PAMM accounts, traders are given the opportunity to create a passive low-risk or higher risk, high reward revenue stream, depending on their risk appetite. PAMM accounts are a simple method by which individuals can carefully select their money managers for trading from a list. With this kind of account, investors may profit with absolute minimal involvement. This is perfect for inexperienced traders, or for those who wish to create an additional source of revenue, which is generated automatically. Traders should bear in mind that PAMM accounts also carry the risk of capital loss, based on how your account manager performs when executing trades.


High frequency trading is an automated trading system, used by large investment banks, hedge funds and institutional investors, utilizing powerful computers to transact a large number of orders at extremely high speeds. These high frequency trading platforms allow traders to execute millions of orders and scan multiple markets and exchanges in a matter of seconds, thus providing financial institutions a huge advantage in the open market HFT uses complex algorithms to analyze the markets and are able to spot emerging trends in a fraction of a second. Essentially anticipating and beating trends to the market place, institutions that implement high frequency trading can gain favorable returns on trades they make by essence of their bid-ask spread, resulting in significant profits


AIONNEXT has developed cutting-edge technology that best utilizes the advantages of HFT. The technology is based on the fact that all digital transactions can be monitored and analyzed. The algorithmic software uses Mega Computers and a team of experts and analysts to help users build their trading strategy.


Invest with AIONNEXT Through PAMM and HFT

The AIONNEXT PAMM Account is a rewarding investment service that allows investors to profit from the cryptocurrency market, without actually having to trade it themselves. This also allows money managers to earn an additional revenue stream in return for managing AIONNEXT clients’ funds. Over the years, we have been able to perfect our technology and given users access to HFT, through our Managed and PAMM Accounts.


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